IronChat v2

Mobile Secure Communications Redefined

IronChat is a modern communications application for your mobile phone, tablet or laptop. It uses modern, unbreakable, encryption protocol for its messages. Messages are send encrypted and anonymous and leave no digital traces. Besides you and your contact no one can observe or read your messages. It will also be impossible to prove that you ever send or recieved a message.

And still offering you:

- Ultra secure messaging sytem using H-OTR

- Build-in encrypt / decrypt filemanager

- Send extra encrypted files to use contacts phone as backup medium

- Impossible to make screenshots, local or remote.

- Real END-to-END encryption

- Real Perfect Secrecy Forwarding

- Automatically Randomly created keys for every session

- Hardened Libaries Compiled from source

- Unique two way encryption transport for media

- Nothing is ever saved or stored on any server

- Leaves no digital watermarks or finferprints

- Quantum Computing Decryption Attack Ready

- Normal look, looks like Whatsapp or Facebook. Draws no attention.

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